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Some $2 million.

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Q: How much does the New England Patriots qaurterback make per game?
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What years did the New England Patriots make the AFC division title game?

The New England Patriots have won the AFC Championship six times in their history. New England Patriots AFC Championships: 1985: AFC Championship Game New England 31 Miami 14 The Patriots went on to lose Super Bowl XX to the Chicago Bears 46-10. 1996: AFC Championship Game New England 33 Jacksonville 14 The Patriots went on to lose Super Bowl XXXI to the Green Bay Packers 35-21. 2001: AFC Championship Game New England 24 Pittsburgh 17 The Patriots went on to win Super Bowl XXXVI over the St. Louis Rams 20-17. 2003: AFC Championship Game New England 24 Indianapolis 14 The Patriots went on to win Super Bowl XXXVIII over the Carolina Panthers 32-29. 2004: AFC Championship Game New England 41 Pittsburgh 27 The Patriots went on to win Super Bowl XXXIX over the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21. 2007 AFC Championship Game New England 21 San Diego 12 The Patriots went on to lose Super Bowl XLI to the New York Giants 17-14.

Will the New England Patriots ever be at the Super Bowl Again?

The Patriots are in the playoff hunt year in year out. They made it to the AFC Championship game this year with a multitude of injuries and the 2nd youngest defense in the League. So, chances are they wil make the Super Bowl again.

What are the odds the New England Patriots make it to the 2013 super bowl?

Zere Percent Chance.

What was the New England Patriots record in the 2002 season?

9-7, they did not make the post season.

Did an x convict help new England win super bowl in1982?

No, the Patriots did not make it to the Super Bowl in 1982. What you are referring to it is infamous "snow plow" game, December 12, 1982, between the New England Patriots and the visiting Miami Dolphins. In the fourth quarter of the game, with 4:45 left in the game, New England Patriots Head Coach Ron Meyer sent Mark Henderson and his tractor onto the field to clear away the snow and ice that had been steadily building on the playing field so the Patriots could kick a field goal. Kicker John Smith made the kick and the Patriots won the game 3-0. Mark Henderson, the man who cleared the field for the kick was awarded a game ball by Meyer for his efforts. Henderson was a convict who was out of jail on a work-release program at the time. The tractor and brissle brush attachment used to clear the snow and ice away is on display at Patriots Place. Following the season, the NFL reviewed what happened and banned the use of the snow plows and other such devices during game play.

When was the last year New England patriots did not make playoffs?

The Cowboys have missed the playoffs for three straight years - 2010-12. The Patriots last missed the playoffs in 2008.

Lee Saltz told me he has a super bowl ring from when he played for New England is this true?

No, this is not true. Lee Saltz was on the New England Patriots roster in 1992, and the Patriots did not make it to the Super Bowl that year. The 1992 Patriots squad finished 2-14 under then head coach Dick McPhearson.

Where is gene thomas who was drafted by the New England Patriots in 1986?

Gene Thomas was a Patriots draftee in 1986. However, he did not make the 53 man roster or the practice squad. Due to that the Patriots Alumni information has no information on his current whereabouts.

Who is Matt Gutierrez?

Matt Gutierrez is the 3rd string for the 2008 New England Patriots, playing behind starting quarterback Matt Cassel and 2nd string qb rookie Kevin O'Connell. Matt Gutierrez joined the New England Patriots in the 2007 season. He was an undrafted rookie from Idaho State who earned a roster spot after playing well in the 2007 training camp and in the 2007 pre-season. Matt Gutierrez did not make the New England Patriots roster in 2008. He was officially released August 30, 2008. However, after starting Quarterback Tom Brady was injured in the first game of the 2008 season, the Patriots needed to add another quarterback to the roster. Matt Gutierrez was resigned to the New England Patriots Practice Squad on September 10, 2008. Three days later on September 13, 2008, the Patriots added him to their 53 man roster. Click on the links below for the Matt Gutierrez player page and the New England Patriots Matt Gutierrez player bio.

How much does the back up Quarterback make for the New England Patriots?

Patriot back up quarterback Ryan Mallett will make $776,976 for the 2014 season.

Is randy moss in the hall of fame?

Moss will make the HOF, but active players can't be inducted.

Will Boston make the playoffs this year?

That depends because their destiny is not in their own hands. As it stands the Jets, Dolphns and Patriots are all tied for first, however, the Jets and Dolphins hold tiebreakers over the Patriots. So, here's how the Patriots can make the playoffs: * Patriots Win Out * Jets Lose 1 game * Dolphins Lose 1 game or IF the Patriots go 2-1 in remaining three games * Jet must to lose 1 or more games * Dolphins must lose 1 or more games * If the Jets and Dolphin lose 1 game, then they must tie in last game of the season If the Patriots go 1-2 or 0-3 in their remaining games, they will not make the playoffs this year.