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Q: How much does the Grave Digger K'nex monster truck 30th anniversary weigh?
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What type of truck is grave digger?

A monster truck

How many monster truck awards has the monster truck grave digger won?


Has Grave Digger Monster Truck ever crashed?

Yes, besides Grave Digger was known for it's crashes.

Is Grave Digger The Most Favorite Monster Truck?

Heck yeah

What is the best monster truck ever?

send me the code for gta iv that I will have monster truck and Bugatti

How much money does grave digger monster truck make?

About $60,000 a year

Who drove the Grave Digger Monster Truck in Philadelphia in 2008?

Anderson stupid

Who is the monster truck driver of the Grave Digger?

A truck is used to transfer equipments from one place to another place.It becomes more effective by using a truck with digger derrick.So the truck itself is the moving part.To dig a grave small digger derricks are used.So the truck is also small but it digs grave.So we can call it a monster easily. Source:

When was the latest grave digger truck built?

Now a days digger trucks are very common.It has now many improved version. The latest grave digger truck named monster grave digger was built not very ago.It may be five years ago. Source:

What are the release dates for Yahoo Current Driver - 2006 Monster Truck Grave Digger 1-3?

Yahoo Current Driver - 2006 Monster Truck Grave Digger 1-3 was released on: USA: 2 February 2006

Grave digger monster truck corp phone number?


Which monster truck is the best?

Maximum Destruction is the best but barely wins against Grave Digger