How much does tennis cost kids?

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The cost of a tennis racket depends, as with any merchandise, on the quality of the individual components of the tennis racket. The material of the racket frame, the material used to wrap around the grip of the handle, the kind of strings used to form the stringing pattern within the head of the racket, and the style of design used as a cosmetic attraction. What is most important to consider is the skill level of the tennis player who will be using the racket. From there factor in ego, style preference, and being judged by other players. A first racket should (without having to factor in ego and the rest) be fairly cheap. Similar variables will have to be factored to approximate the additional cost of shoes, clothing, and lessons, depending upon where the child will be playing (club or park) and the equipment necessary for the child to comfortably fit into that environment.

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Q: How much does tennis cost kids?
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