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For like express or somethin it can be up to $24

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Q: How much does shipping cost from across the US for a lacrosse stick?
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How much does it cost to get a boys lacrosse stick strung by a store?


How much does youth lacrosse cost each year?

1000 dollars, about 100-stick 250 for all of the pads

How much does it usually cost to ship a motorcycle across the country?

Shipping a motorcycle across the country can cost upwards of several hundred dollars. One must also keep in mind extra fees, for example shipping it in a crate or insuring it.

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The growth of lacrosse was also facilitated by the introduction of plastic stick heads in the 1970s by Baltimore-based STX. This innovation reduced the weight and cost of the lacrosse stick. It also allowed for faster passes and game play than traditional wooden sticks.

What is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost is the amount paid to the auto transporters to move your vehicle across state in large trucks. Usually this shipping cost depends on various factors like car model, size, distance transported, type of shipping services (open carrier, enclosed carrier, door-door, terminal-terminal) chosen, insurance coverage and so on.

How much does it cost to get a boys lacrosse stick string by a store?

Most stores charge around $30. I feel that that is over priced, so see if you can find someone in your area that will string the stick for around $15 (thats what I charge).

How do you find out what percent the cost of shipping was from the cost of what you bought?

cost of shipping = X total cost 100 the you cross multiply: 100 x (the cost of shipping) is equal to X x (the total cost) 100(the cost of shipping) = X(the total cost) whatever you find x to be is the percent example: cost of shipping is 7 dollars. the total cost of what you bought is 50 dollars. 100(7) = X(50) 700 = 50X 14 = X the percent of shipping from the total cost is 14% hope I helped!

Is cost of shipping a variable cost?

The simple rule is that if every order requires shipping fee then it is variable cost because as many as the number of orders variable cost will vary as well, but if total shipping cost remain as fixed amount no matter how many orders are shipped the shipping cost is classified as fixed cost.

How much does an Iron Man DVD cost?

A new Iron Man DVD cost $9.96 excluding shipping cost. A used Iron Man DVD cost only $4.00 excluding shipping cost. A collectible version of Iron Man DVD will cost $16.99 excluding shipping cost.

What is the average cost for shipping a car across country more specifically Texas to Oregon?

I was looking to have a car moved from Virginia to Texas and I got quotes of $800 - $1200

How much does shipping and handling cost?

it usually depends on what you are buying but most items shipping and handling will cost around $3.00.

What is the average cost of shipping a vehicle from Hawaii to Georgia?

Transporting a car from Hawaii to the west coast runs $800 -$1,360 in general. But remember, shipping cost can be different based on type of the cars, shipping insurance and shipping method. The best method to know the shipping cost is by get quoted by several shipping companies on internet, you start from the sources link below.