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The Manchester United deffender Rio Ferdinand is paid 1,25,000 pounds a week , he is also the highest paid deffender.

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Q: How much does rio Ferdinand get paid?
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How much is Rio Ferdinand paid per week?

130,000 pounds per week

How much does Rio Ferdinand earn in a week?

£125000, highest paid player at Man Utd.

What is the birth name of Rio Ferdinand?

Rio Ferdinand's birth name is Rio Gavin Ferdinand.

Top paid players in premier league in 2010?

Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand Drogba.

Are Rio Ferdinand and Les Ferdinand related?

Rio and Les Ferdinand are cousins. Anton, Rio's brother, is also a Premier League football player.

What relation are Rio and Anton Ferdinand?

Rio and Anton Ferdinand are brothers.

What nicknames does Rio Ferdinand go by?

Rio Ferdinand goes by Ferdz.

Who are the most paid soccer players per week?

It is Ronaldo, Terry, Rio Ferdinand , Kaka, Samuel Etoo.

Who is the highest paid defender?

Rio Ferdinand earning 22.5 million a year net extimate 112 mil

When was Rio Ferdinand born?

Rio Ferdinand was born on November 7, 1978.

Who is better Rio Ferdinand or his brother?

Rio Ferdinand is far superior to Anton.

What is Rio Ferdinand's birthday?

Rio Ferdinand was born on November 7, 1978.

Who is Rioย Ferdinand's agent?

Rio Ferdinand's agent is Israeli Pini Zahavi.

How much did Man U buy Rio Ferdinand for?

28 million

Is Rio Ferdinand left handed or right handed?

Rio Ferdinand is Left Handed

In man united who is highest paid player?

At Manchester United the highest paiid players are Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs.

How much was Rio Ferdinand sold to Manchester united for?

Around 30 Million

What are the earnings for a soccer player?

They are paid huge amounts every week, for example Rio Ferdinand gets 1,25,000 pounds a week.

Is Rio Ferdinand related to Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Yes, they are distant relatives as rio's grandfather and the archduke are 3rd cousins.

What year did rio Ferdinand sign for man utd?

Rio Ferdinand signed for Manchester United in the summer of 2002.

What is the Nationality of Queens Park Rangers Rio Ferdinand?

The nationality of Queens Park Rangers Rio Ferdinand is English.

Where was Rio Ferdinand born?

Rio Ferdinand was born November 7, 1978 in London, England and is of St.Lucian and Irish descent.

How old is Rio Ferdinand?

Former footballer Rio Ferdinand is 39 years old (birthdate: November 7, 1978).

What happened to Rio Ferdinand in training?

In a training session Rio Ferdinand hurt his knee while tackling Emile Heskey.

Why is Rio so much taller than Anton Ferdinand did Rio take drugs or something. Anton is 6ft while Rio is 6ft3ish Why is Rio so much taller than Anton Ferdinand?

that's a really dumb question. althoug Rio was in the papers for drugs, trust me, the height difference is definitely not due to that.... its due to genetics and metabolism... IT WAS ALL DOWN TO DRUS AT THE ENDD OF THE DAYLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL NOT it is GENETICS FROM THEIR PARENTS "rz~

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