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It can be anywhere from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions

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Q: How much does pro basketball player make?
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How much pro basketball player get?


Who is quicker to go pro football player or basketball player?

Faster to go to basketball player than pro football player. Sorry to everyone who is trying to make it to pro football.

How much money does a pro basketball player make each game?

I dont know.. sorry

How much does a pro basketball player get paid?

200,000 and above

How much do semi-pro basketball players make?

semi pro basketball players make up to 4.8M dollars a year

How much does a pro basketball player make a year?

It depends on how much you play and if your good. If your good and play a lot you can make up to 15,000,000 bucks.

How much do Amsterdam pro basketball players make?

The salary for an overseas professional basketball player can make anywhere from $1,500 a month to $20,000. It all depends on what division they're in.

What does the average pro basketball player make in a year?

24cents a year

What is the average salary of a pro basketball player in a year?

too much!

How much does a pro basketball player make?

It depends, not all players get paid the same. Although per year they get about,000.

How much money does a professional basketball player a game?

The salary of a professional basketball player varies by team. The average salary of a pro basketball player is $5.5 million.

What percentage of college basketball player play pro basketball?

About 1.19 percent of college basketball players make it to the NBA