How much does Nike pay Ronaldo?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Bria Cummings

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He had an endorsement from Nike that landed him 32.5 million dollars.

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Q: How much does Nike pay Ronaldo?
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How much does Nike pay Cristiano Ronaldo?

He had an endorsement from Nike that landed him 32.5 million dollars.

Who sponsors Cristiano Ronaldo?

NIKE!!!!!!!!! yea nike rox

Who invented the nike mercurials?

Cristiano Ronaldo

What boots does Brazilian Ronaldo wear?

Ronaldo wears the Nike Mercurial Vapors. Just remember he is the Face of Nike football and he markets them when he plays for Corinthians.

How much do real Madrid pay ronaldo a week?


Where do you find Cristiano Ronaldo's cleats?

Many internet retailers have them. Nike stores and online store would have them. Many good sports shop would stock them. The Cristiano Ronaldo/Nike partnership is a long-standing one. For more information about Ronaldo's Nike sponsorship (and his cleats!) have a look at the related links below.

Has ronaldo appeared in a advert?

Yes Ronaldo has done adverts like the NIKE add, Manchester verses Arsenal.

How much does nike pay lucas glover?

ya ma

What products does Cristiano Ronaldo endorse?

Cristiano Ronaldo endorses all Nike products aswell as the Suzuki car company.

Which cleats are better Nike or Adidas?

nike cause it has good fit, and its light and i love Ronaldo hala real madrid

What number does Cristiano Ronaldo wear?

Crstiano Ronaldo often wears black and blue Nike Mercurial Vapors. Ronaldo's sponsorship deal with Nike has seen him wearing Mercurial Vapors for nearly his entire career.See the related link below for more information on Cristiano Ronaldo soccer cleats.

How much did nike pay to sponsor in 1985?

that's easy: 2$