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Q: How much does it cost to watch the Olympics live?
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How much are the Olympics going to cost?

It is going to cost us £9900million pounds for the Olympics!!

How much will it cost to watch one game in the Olympics?

I'm not too sure but it might just cost 30 to 40 pounds (AUS- 50 to 60 dollars)

How much did the cost of Atlanta Georgia Olympics?

it cost atlanta about 1.8 billion dollars to host the summer Olympics

How much did the London Olympics cost?


How much did the 2012 olympics cost?


How much has it cost Britain to host the Olympics?

too much?!

How much did it cost from the other olympics?

78 thousand

How much did 2008 Olympics cost?

$40 billion

How much did it cost to host the Beijing Olympics?

=about $50,000,000,000=

How much money does it cost to run the Olympics?

a lot

How much will the 2012 Olympics really cost?


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