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$25 for students/alumni/faculty

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Q: How much does it cost to play golf at the University of Michigan golf course?
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What are the names of some public golf courses in the Grand Rapids, MI area?

The Highlands Golf Club & Golf Academy is a public golf course in Grand Rapids,Michigan 49504. Another golf course is the Thousand Oaks Golf Club in Grand Rapids,Michigan 49525.

How many golf courses are in Michigan?

According to, 1047.AnswerSome of the finest golf courses you can find in Michigan are:Masterpiece Golf Course at Treetops Resort - located at the headwaters of the Pigeon RiverPremier Golf Course at Treetops Resort - the only course in Michigan designed by famed architect, Tom FazioSignature Golf Course at Treetops Resort - undisturbed natural areas are prominent on holes four and eleven. Signature has been rated a Top 50 Course for Women.Threetops Golf Course at Treetops Resort - ranks as the #1 par three course in America by Golf Magazine, Golfweek, Golf & Travelsource:

How much does it cost to play 9 holes of golf on a public course?

It depends on the golf course.

How much does a golf course cost?

Too much, and well, frankly, its really depends on the size of the golf course that you want made. Zoysha grass is common on a golf course and the sod for it is fairly expensive.

Where is the Warwick Hills golf course?

Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club is located in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The course is sometimes used by the PGA and recently hosted the Buick Open.

Where can I find quality golf lessons being offered in Detroit, Michigan?

Some places that have gold classes are Next Shot Golf Center and The New Rogell Golf Course. Another good one in the area is given at at Beech Woods Golf Course.

How many dollars does a mini golf course cost?

8,000 dollars

What does it cost to play at the Augusta National Golf Course?

A member has to invite you to play, and they have to cover the cost.

Where can I get golf instruction in Palm Beach to improve my swing?

Check with your local golf course for details on lessons. Cost of golf lessons will vary.

How much do golf balls cost at the driving range?

It varies depending on the golf course at Little Crow Golf Club it costs $3.75. *MMN*

How much money does it cost to join coupon golf course?

more then $100