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A soccer ball is the same thing as a football in Europe. So it's free if you have a soccer ball because it already is a European football.

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Q: How much does it cost to make one soccer ball a football in European football?
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What does a soccer ball usually cost?


How much does a soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much does it cost to make a soccer ball?

Soccer balls can cost between $9 and $150, with most of them being about $20. It is reported that the average cost to make a soccer ball is around $1.00.

How much does a regular soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much does an soccer ball cost?

Around 25.00 (US)

What is the cost of a Jabulani soccer ball?

A Jabulani cost 140 American Dollars online.

How much does a soccer ball cost in America?

the prize varies depending upon the quality of the ball . you can get a soccer ball for as low as 10 $ while it can go upto 100 $

How much does a signed Chelsea soccer ball usually cost?


What is the cost of soccer ball in Indian currency?

around 2 lacks..

How much does a footballs cost?

around 12$ soccer ball 6$

What is the difference between an American golf ball and a European golf ball?

Nothing, only cost.

How much does does it cost a 2002 fifa world soccer ball?

2500 Naira.

How much does a professional soccer ball cost?

The ones that they use in matches cost around £60 or $100.

How much does an NFL ball cost?

The National Football League ball also called "The Duke" cost $80 at a regular retail price.

How much does it cost a football player to give a ball away during a game?

i have herd that it cost the player $800.00 to give a football away at the game.

How much would a football field with a track around it cost?

and could also be used for soccer

How far does a soccer ball roll on grass?

It depends on the type of ball. Nike T90's are the fastest ball for turf or grass. They probably cost around $20, $30, or maybe even $40 at the most. They will probably roll to about 40 yards or more from the touchdown line on a football field.

What is the cost of a football used by professional football teams?

Same as normal they just pay a bit more to have the 2 football teams name on the ball.

What is the Value of 1960 pro bowl New York Football Giants autographed Football?

the cost to the pro bowl ball would cost between $500-$1000.00

What is the cost of a regulation soccer ball?

I would say about $5 but there are expensive soccer balls for over $150! You can get good soccer balls for $17. The expensive ones are usually a rip off.

How much does it cost to play soccer?

It cost $75.00 to get into soccer

Do you think there should be Football teams around the world and not just in the U.S. P.S. If you answers there already is because of soccer you are wrong i am talking about A.F.?

The biggest reason why other countries don't play American football is because of cost. For example, with basketball you just need a ball and a hoop. Baseball requires a ball and a bat. American football requires all of the gear and equipment for all the players. Additionally, there is Canadian football as well.

How much does the soccer ball cost in Neko Atsume?

10 Gold Fish

How much would a soccer ball autographed by the 2005 real Madrid soccer team be worth?

it would cost around 300 to never gonna sell ever

How much does a soccer ball cost if signed by the 1982 Italian national team that won the world cup?

it is up to 200 $!