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if your gonna make your own will probably cost you your life

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โˆ™ 2008-08-12 02:41:31
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Q: How much does it cost to make a hockey helmet?
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Is a hockey helmet the same as a ski helmet?

NO hockey helmets are much better. Ski helmets are not that good but do the job. Hockey helmet will protect you much more in short range falls and long range falls the any ski helmet.

How much money does it cost for a manufacturing company to make a hockey stick?


How much is it to make a hockey?

How much is it to make a hockey WHAT?

How much would a knights helmet cost in medieval times cost?


What is the difference between a football helmet and a hockey helmet?

A (gridiron) football helmet is much heavier than an (ice) hockey helmet, and much thicker. A hockey helmet does not have the full ear protection and adjustable padding of gridiron football helmets, so that it is much lighter. A gridiron football helmet is the heaviest of all common helmets, typically weighing around three kilograms or 6.5 pounds. That is even heavier than a typical motorcycle crash helmet. This high mass allows gridiron football helmets to absorb impacts from very fast blockers who typically weigh around 150 kilograms or 340 pounds today and will deliberately and consciously ram into each other during line play trying to protect or sack the quarterback. In contrast, ice hockey helmets - other than those used by goalkeepers - weight around 0.8 kilograms with a plastic face mask and professional models can weigh as little as 350 grams, which is no heavier than a standard bicycle helmet. Ice hockey helmets do not have the thick adjustable padding of gridiron football helmets; instead, they have a thin, flexible polymer inside that absorbs repeated contact not from helmet-to-helmet contact as found in gridiron football, but from high sticks or stray pucks. <a href="">weetect helmets for hockey</a>

How much does a formula 1 helmet cost?


How much does a revo speed helmet cost?

it costs about 200 dollars

How much does it cost to manufacture a hockey skate?


How much does an astronaut's space helmet cost?

it will cost £500,000 because i have bought one;)

Hockey is how much?

Do you mean the cost to play?

How much does the Oregon Ducks football helmet cost?

The rose bowl helmet alone is worth 800.dollars a peace!

How much does a horse riding helmet cost?

It depends which type you get. They can range from £10 - £500 or more. I have a velvet helmet which cost £39.99 Or get it for 20 to 40 dolla.

How much do hockey tickets cost?

50 dollars

How much money does a hockey stick cost?


How much does the average motorcycle helmet cost in the Philippines?

Helmets cost starts from 18 US $ in Philippines.

How much does an air hockey table cost?

around $200

How much does little league hockey cost?

Matters where your playing.

How much does a NHL hockey puck cost?

around $2

How much does an average hockey game cost?

50.3 as much as paige cost to give u a handjob nothing its free.

5 hockey pucks and three hockey sticks cost 23 5 hockey pucks and 1 hockey stick cost 20 How much does 1 hockey stick cost?

This problem can be defined by 2 equations. 5X + 3Y = 23 5X + 1Y = 20 Solve for X & Y, where X is cost of Puck and Y is cost of Stick. I haven't done the algrebra, but intuitively it looks like the answer is $1.

How much do hockey pucks cost?

Rubber ice pucks usually only cost a dollar but plastic street hockey pucks go anywhere from 7 - 15.

Can you play hockey without a chin strap attach to your helmet only 2 straps on both sides?

You could... but why? It makes your helmet pretty much useless since it could come off at any second. Also, most leagues have rules that require your helmet to be properly attached.

How much will a horse helmet cost?

it really depends, they usually range from £30-£60

How much does a helmet for motocross cost?

Prices are from around 40 bucks, to a couple of hunderd dollars.

How much is a World War 2 American helmet cost today?

$100 see ebay