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Q: How much does it cost to close the millennium stadium roof?
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How much did millennium park cost to build?

Millennium Park cost around 60 million dollars.

How much does the Patriots stadium cost?

Gillette Stadium cost $325,000,000 to build.

How much did the millennium dome cost?

About £780 million.

How much does an average football stadium cost?

To much

How much does a Football Stadium Cost?

It would cost $5,000,000

How much does a little league baseball stadium cost?

It depends what stadium it is and your age

How much did it cost to build the London Olympic 2012 stadium?

Cost of 2012 Olympic stadium nearly doubles to £547m

How much did the maracana stadium cost?


How much does a bey stadium cost?

about 9.00$

How much did it cost to build wembley stadium?

it cost £180 million

How much does a stadium ticket cost?

The cost depends on the event and where you sit.

How much did the Gateshead Millennium Bridge cost?

£22 million GBP

How much is the Dallas Cowboys new stadium?

My answer to how much Cowboys new stadium cost is 1.2 Billion Dollars

How much did the New Meadowlands Stadium cost to build?

The New Meadowlands Stadium construction cost was $1.6 billion.

How much did Dallas Cowboys stadium cost?

The Cowboys stadium costs about an estimated 1.2 billion dollars. There stadium is huge.

How much does beyblade stadium cost plus tax a target?

It cost about 10.99

How much does Pokemon Stadium 2 cost at gamestop?

Ir cost $150

How much did the emirates stadium cost?

It Costed £390Million

How much does it cost to build the olympic stadium?


How much do stadium seats cost?

nothing haha

How much does cowboys stadium cost?

1.2 billion

How much is the parking fees at the royal stadium?

In the 2009 season the cost to park at Kauffman Stadium is $9.00.

How much did it cost to build the new Yankee Stadium?

The construction cost for the new Yankee Stadium was $1.5 billion.

How much did it cost to build the old Yankee Stadium?

It cost 2.4 million in 1923.

How much did a baseball ticket cost in 1977?

In what city? What level of the stadium? Shea Stadium $15-$2.50 Yankee Stadium $18-$5

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