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400 million to 800 million dollars

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Q: How much does it cost to build a NBA stadium?
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How much does NBA 2K11 cost on Wii?

NBA 2K11 for the Wii can cost from $35-$40

How much do NBA goals cost?

it cost $18,500 each

How many seats are in an NBA stadium?

depends on the stadium

How Much do NBA teams cost?


How much will NBA 2k12 cost?


How much will it cost to get a NBA agent?

If you are good enough for the NBA, the agents will come to you.

How much does an NBA court cost?

Estimated $5million

How much does NBA Live 10 cost?


How much does nba 2k10 cost in stores?

It is 54.99

How much does it cost for NBA licensing fee?

Not sure.

What is the smallest NBA stadium?

The Smallest NBA Stadium is New Orleans arena, home of the Hornets.

How much does it cost to buy an NBA basketball team?

to buy a NBA Basketball team is 100,000,000,000

How much will it NBA jerseys cost?

It depends on the quality. If you buy it on official com or NBA store, it will cost about $ 80. If you buy it from , it only cost you $ 20.

How much does a NBA team cost?

300 million dollars

How much does it cost to sit courtside at an NBA game?

8,000 !

How much does a basketball NBA backboard cost?

Approximately $400

How much does a NBA championship ring cost?

It cost about 25 trillion dollars you idiots :)

What stadium has the most capacity in the NBA?


How much money does it cost to buy an NBA Basketball team?

to buy a NBA basketball team is 100,000,000,000

What is the biggest NBA stadium?

The Palace of Auburn Hills. It is home to the Detroit Pistons of the NBA.

How much does it cost to go inside the NBA hall of fame?


How much does it cost to supply a fifteen player NBA team?


How much does NBA 2K13 cost for xBox 360?

$45 at Amazon.

How much does an Nba championship ring cost?

21.5 million dollars

How much does nba championship ring cost?

Retail Version is about $15,000 :)