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it depends on how good you are. Average is about $5,00

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nothing, just practice!

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a lot of skills and exposure

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Q: How much does it cost to become professiional soccer player?
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How much money does it cost to become a soccer player?

nothing, just practice!

How can you be a professional soccer player?

you can become a professional soccer player by training hard and doing what you need to do but most importantly if you train hard and work hard at the soccer games you will cost more to join a team and you will get a lot of $

Which soccer player has cost most in overall transfers?

Zinedine Zidane: Juventus to Real Madrid - £45.62m (2001)

What is the cost to have a soccer team?


12 soccer balls cost $3000. What is the cost of one soccer ball?

it would cost $250 you divide 3000 by 12 and if you want to check to make sure its correct just multiply 250 and 12

How much does a soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much does a regular soccer ball cost?

about 20

How much do soccer jersys cost?

around $70

What are soccer academy's?

soccer academies are just a fancy way of saying a soccer team with more advanced coaches, training, and players. (it also cost more)

What is soccer season?

depending on where u live it can go year around. but on the east cost of the united states fall is soccer season

Cost of a soccer ticket?

The cheapest in Canada ranges at about $14 - $18.

What is the cost per unit to make leather soccer cleats?

About $600