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Any where from 15.00 per square meter up to $50.00 per square meter.

Thus for a 3000 Square Meters [13mm polyurethane surface] 3000 square meters can cost $150,000.00. The more surface area and higher quality materials may cost more.

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Q: How much does it cost per square meter to surface a track?
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The cost per linear meter is the cost per square meter times by the width of the roll.

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Cow grass can cost between $1.90 and $7.00 per square meter. Many places will only allow orders by 100 square meter or 1000 square meter increments.

What is the cost of 1 square meter if total cost of 15013 square meter is 1150000?

Cost of 1 square meter: 1,150,000/15,013 = 76.60027976 or 77 rounded

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Remodeling a house can be fun. The cost varies, based on the type of carpet. It can cost between $5 per square meter to $25 per square meter.

How do you convert the cost per square meter to the cost per square yard?

Multiply by 1.19599

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8.325 a sq meter.

How do you convert the cost per lineal meter to the cost per square meter?

You cannot - you need information about the width.

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per square foot titanium cost on avg. $215

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To calculate the price per square meter, divide the total price by the total number of square meters. For example, if a piece of cardboard with an area of 10 square meters cost 5 dollars, the price per square meter would be (10 m2)/($5), which comes out to be 50 cents per square meter.

What would it cost to carpet if carpet was 25 dollars a square meter?

The cost would be ($25) multiplied by (the number of square meters to be carpeted).

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What is the average cost of leather per meter

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