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1000000000000000 billion dollars

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Q: How much does it cost in a taxi from Liverpool city center to Old trafford in Manchester?
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Is MUFC in the center of Manchester or on the edge of the city?

Old Trafford is situated around 2.5 miles from the centre of the city

Which city is further north Liverpool or Manchester?

Manchester is just a few miles further north than Liverpool.

Is old Trafford even in Manchester?

YES it is in Manchester, Old Trafford Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester M16 0RA it is 2.2 miles to the centre of Manchester Most Manchester City fans claim Manchester Utd , Old Trafford is not in Manchester For the record Manchester City football ground is 3.1 miles from the city centre It is policed by Greater Manchester Police, It has Manchester Postcode Those that state it is Stretford are not far wrong but Stretford is also in Manchester, I live in Stretford, which is under Trafford Council, Trafford is a borough of Manchester Hope this clears up the answer

Where is the biggest shopping center in UK?

Trafford Centre, the biggest shopping centre in the UK is located in Manchester City.

What is the nearest city to Manchester?


What is the nearest city to Liverpool?


What city is west of Manchester?


Who is better Liverpool FC or Manchester City?


What is the home city of lancashire cricket team?

Manchester : Old Trafford

Which is the largest city Liverpool or Manchester?

Manchester which is also the third largest city in England

Why was Manchester bombed in WW2?

Manchester was a large industrial city, Trafford Park produced air craft.

What is the next fixture for Liverpool?

Manchester City

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