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Evgeni Malkin makes $8,700,000 a season.

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about 9 million

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Q: How much does evgeni malkin make a year?
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Who won last year Art Ross Trophy?

Evgeni Malkin

Who is better between Steven Stamkos and Sidney Crosby?

nobody is really better than them, but there is some that are just as good like Steven Stamkos, the sedins or Thorton. (except for malkin, the past year he has been going on a slump).

How many siblings does malkin have?

One brother who works for the Washington Wizards. He had two, but the other one passed away when Alex was 10. Car accident.

Are the Pittsburgh Penguins a good team?

They have some really good hockey players like Evgeni Malkin, Sidney Crosby, Brenden Morrow,and Jerome Iginla. They are a really good team but they didnt win the cup this year.

What are the top10 sportsmen this year?

I think it should be Sidney Crosby,Alexander Ovechkin,Phil Kessel,Correy Perry,Eric Staal,Evgeni Malkin,my dad Gregory,Henrik Zetterberg,Nicklas Lidstrum, and my favourite Justin Bieber Ha Ha

Who thinks the penguins will win the Stanley cup this year?

Well it really depends. Just 2 nights ago the pens where playing the NY Islanders and their were so many fights and penalty minutes it was unreal! 15 of the pens players were escorted to the locker room, and a couple were suspended. Evgeni Malkin is out for the REST OF THE YEAR he has a knee injury and if the pens do make it to the playoffs Malkin will not be playing :( Crosby is still out with a concussion. And now since so many of the pens players are out Dan Bylsma is having the junior penguins play in the NHL!! who knows if we will make it to the playoffs and or Stanley cup, without our key players were can't play our best!! Best of luck to the pens!! You can do it!! LETS GO PENS!!!! :O

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$8.7 million a year. That is what they tell us but do you believe it. It just sounds cool lie his birthday being 8/7/87 which is not true. It is unlikely that this figure is the real deal either.As of 2010, Sidney Crosby makes 8.7 million a year, in reference to his birthdate (augest 7, 1987 or 8/7/87). His jersey number (87) also reflects his birthdate.Sorry, too much info. XD

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