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if this is your first gun or if your only getting it for fun.....dont get a gas.

they cost to much they nuse to much bullets and they hurt to much.if your getting a gun for fun get a rifle spring. If your gunna use it competitively or as a sport or something else get it but if not....


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You don't use co2 for airsoft guns, but paint guns. I would say about $25

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about $70-$80

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Q: How much does co2 cost for a airsoft gun pistol?
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Do you want to keep your CO2 in your airsoft pistol after a battle?

no it will ruin your gun if you do

Can you put a scope on a tsd m9 co2 gas airsoft pistol?

It is possible.

Where can I get a replacement magazine for my H and K USP Airsoft CO2 Pistol?

See the link below

You have an airsoft m16 should you now get a CO2 pistol or a tri-shot shotgun?

Get the pistol, preferably a 1911, you get better velocity, and a smaller easier to carry pistol.

Is a spring airsoft shotgun or a Co2 pistol better?

Without knowing what your intended end use is, there is no way to answer the question.

What is the best full metal blow back co2 powered air soft pistol?

The best full metal blow back CO2 powered airsoft pistol is the U.S. Army Duty Calls Elite 1911 Full Metal GBB Airsoft Pistol. A close second is the 500 FPS Full Metal M87, Sport 301L.

Should you get a co2 airsoft revolver or automatic?

Depends on what your gametype or preference is. If you like the look of a co2 revolver for target practice then buy it. If your using a automatic pistol for cqb or a sidearm then get that.

Which is stronger ruger p345 co2 airsoft pistol or black ops viper airsoft assault rifle?

neither, also it doesn't matter which one is "stronger", if you have a a high FPS (strong), you can't play on fields

What is a good but cheap airsoft gun?

there is the M4A1 carbine fullyutomatic weapon,and the colt 45. Co2 fully automatic pistol, and the M18 single shot carbine, and the 9mm single shot pistol ZX-1799141-AK47G AK-27 sniper riile ZX-2166B combat rifle and for the hek of it airsoft gernades and a gr8 website 4 airsoft guns is

Which airsoft pistol should you get stinger p40 from walmart or ruger 345 from meijer?

stinger p40 is larger and has a fps of 325 ruger 345 is co2 depends on what you want

Do you have to clean a co2 powered airsoft pistol to help it work better or not break?

Any airsoft weapon shout be cleaned regulary in order to work stable and for long time. Especially if you play in harsh environment like dust, sand or dirt.

Is the aftermath stunt 998 co2 airsoft pistol good?

Yes it is. It has 410 FPS and It shoots 150 feet. Be careful at close range though. It can make people bleed.