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The Champions League is worth a lot of money. The winners of the Champions League get 10.5 millions euros as a cash prize.

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Q: How much does champion league worth?
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What would a champion shot gun be worth?

i think about as much as a champion shotgun i think about as much as a champion shotgun

How much does uefa champion league title worth?

Winner gets 9 million dollars....and 5.2 million to the team that loses in the final :)

How much money champion league winner get?

90 million

How much do teams get if they pass to the 16 of champion league?


How much is paid to champion league winner?

about 100thousand pounds

How much is the price for champion league winner?

9 million euros for the winners

How much is a try worth in rugby league?

A rugby league try is worth 4 points.

How much is the WWE champion ship belt worth?

$450,000 dollars

How much would Chelseafc get for winning Uefa champion League?

Abiodun damilola s

How much money can the champion win in uefa champions league?

60 million euros.

How much money do eufa champions league winners get?

Barcelona this years champion league winner got 110 million pounds.

How many Champion League Cups did Manchester United win?

They have only won three champion's league.

Was wally Lewis a champion in rugby league or rugby union?

Wally Lewis was a champion in rugby league.

How many champion league ac milan have won?

A.C.Milan have won the champion league 7 times .

Has Liverpool ever won the Champion League?

Yes Liverpool won the champion league 5 times.

How much is the PSL worth?

Well, I got mine at champion firearms for about $900.

Who has won the champion league the most?

Which champion league?AnswerReal Madrid have won the champions league 9 times.

How many times have chesale won the champion league?

Chelsea are still waiting for their first champion league trophy.

How many times did man you win the champion league?

Manchester United have won the champion league on three times.

When did Ash be the champ?

He never became an official Pokémon League Champion but he was the Champion of the Orange League for defeating the Champion Drake and he was also the Champion of the Kanto Battle Frontier for defeating all of the Frontier Brains.

Who is the champion in year 2009?

The Champion league winner was Barcelona.

How much money will Chelsea receive for winning champion league in 2012?

1 billion pounds.

Where is the league champion in Pokemon Emerald?

In the Pokemon league.

Which football club won the last champion league?

Inter Milan won the Champion league as they beat Bayern Munich.

Who made a Champion Trombone and how much is it worth?

Pan American made the Champion trombone. Although I have one Champion trombone whose design would seem to pre-date the Pan Am company.