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it didnt cost nething. Basketball is a sport it just depends how yr playing it. NO COST! dummy. it didnt cost nething. basketball is a sport it just depends how yr playing it. NO COST! dummy.

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Q: How much does basketball cost in the 1890s?
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How much does basketball cost?

It will cost $30.

When was the first basketball game?

1890s - invented by James nesmith

When did basketball become netball?

Netball came from basketball so was originally called basketball but over the years the name has changed just like the rules!

Is Basketball a modern sport?

Basketball originated in the 1890s, ironically in an attempt to create a game that "anyone could play".

How much does a basketball cost?

around 30$.

How much does a basketball backboard cost?


How much does it cost to buy basketball equipment?

it can cost over £50

How much do basketball uniforms cost?

all prices