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5 cents

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Q: How much does an athlete make for winning an event at the diamond league?
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How many medals has Michael diamond won?

Australian shooter Michael Diamond has won 2 medals, both gold, winning the men's trap shooting event at the 1996 Games in Atlanta and the 2000 Games in Sydney.

How does an athlete train for an event?

they eat healthy

If you beat the Sinnoh league 47 times does oak give you a letter from an event on Pokemon diamond?

no he doesn't give you a letter you had to have gone to the 2007 Pokemon event or have run through walls cheat.

What classifies an athlete as a triathlete?

There are many things that classify an athlete as a triathlete. Mainly, an athlete is classified as a triathlete if he or she successfully completes a triathlon event.

How can athlete win a running event?

By being the fastest.

How do you get AZURE flute without hacking or going to an event in Pokemon Pearl Diamond and is it true you can get it by winning 50 battles at the battle park?

no you need to 250 wins at the battle tower

Which olympic athlete is named after a battle?

An athlete is a person--a sports competitor or someone who practices athletics. I think you mean an event. The Olympic event that's named after a battle is the marathon.

Is Barbara Ann Scott a Canadian?

Yes, she was born in Ottawa and was the first Canadian athlete to win a figure skating gold medal in the Olympic Games, winning the ladies singles event at the 1948 Games in St. Moritz.

What is the tower you have 2 climb 2 get 2 route 224 on Pokemon diamond?

its called the battle tower. just visit 1 time with the event of losing or winning 7 battles

What kind of medals are given at the Olympics?

There are three types: Gold - for the winner of an event (or the team that wins) Silver - for the athlete (or team) that comes second in an event Bronze - for the athlete (or team) that comes second in an event The names refer to the colours and not what they are made from.

What event labels a man as the best male athlete in the world?


What event lables a woman as the best female athlete in the world?