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An amateur is a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.

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Q: How much does an amateur bantamweight boxer make?
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How often can an amateur boxer compete - Is a possible 5 times in 2 months too much?

Yes this is far to much.

How much would an amateur magician make?

If you are an amateur, then by definition you do not get paid.

How much does an amateur dj make?

$8.00 per hour

How much do elite gymnasts make?

They do not get paid. Gymnastics competitions are all amateur.

How much money did boxer Henry crawford make?

200£ a day

How much is bantamweight bodybuilding?

143 and 1/4 lbs, taken from

How much money does a pro boxer make?

iheard Floyd mayweather makes 25mill :-)

How much money does professional boxer Holly Homes make?

250k per year

How much money does a photographer make per month?

Not much if you are an amateur. The question should be how much money does a photographer spend per month!

How much money do amateur musicians make per year?

Amateurs do not earn money off music.

Do golf players make a lots of money?

Well it matters how good you are? If you play amateur not to much. Pros can make 9 million carrier tournament averages

Which is bigger a golden retriever or a boxer dog?

The golden retriever is much bigger and heavier than a boxer, but a boxer has sharper teeth.