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On average,

A middle school football quarterback weighs from 100-115 lbs

for grades 7-8. For youth football, check with your league

or school for the weight and height regulations

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Q: How much does a youth football quarterback weight?
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How much weight can a football helmet hold?

A football helmet can hold from 3lbs to almost 5lbs in weight, but the weight can vary with padding, shells, facemasks.

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14-15 oz

How much does a NFL football weight in metric?

0.424 kg

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It depends on the level of play, college and high school balls are different weight

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matters about the quarterback but about 5,000,000

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Longer. He has been playing professional football since 1998, so that's 12 years there. Then add in his college (4 years) and high school (4 years) and however much youth football he played.

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The handler in Ultimate Frisbee is responsible for throwing the frisbee to another player, called the cutter. The handler is an offensive position much like a quarterback in football.

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NFL rules specify a ball weight of 14 to 15 ounces.

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Your an idiot to think that there's a weight limit in football just play lacrosse like a real man.

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depends on what you wiegh but at least your body weight

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