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Occupancy for Wintergreen Ski resorts vary depending on the package that you purchase. For their winter package that is going on right now, it is $69 per person, per night.

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Q: How much does a weekend stay cost at the Wintergreen Ski Resort?
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How much does a lift ticket cost at the Wintergreen Resort located in Va?

The Wintergreen Resort located in Virginia offers a special 4 Day Pass for $179 for adults and $159 for kids. The Wintergreen Resort is located in Wintergreen, Virginia.

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How much do Skoal Bandits Wintergreen cost in North Carolina?

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What is the closest ski resort to Lynchburg VA?

Wintergreen Resort in Wintergreen, VA is about 40-45 miles north of Lynchburg. Take Route 29 north just north of Amherst to Route 151 north, turn left. Follow Route 151 for 21 miles to Route 664. Turn left and Wintergreen is 4 miles ahead on Route 664. Wintergreen might be a bit closer, but Snowshoe would be your best choice in that area and it's not much farther. I've been to both, and they're both good. Wintergreen is closer, though.

How much is skoal cost in west Virginia?

i buy my skoal long cut wintergreen at the local cvs for about $4.80 a can

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How much does it cost to build a ski resort?

The cost of a ski resort would vary greatly on the size and scope of the facility. It would likely, however, cost three to five million dollars just to begin.

How much would it cost to buy a ski resort?

This depends entirely on the placement and size of the resort. It also depends on who is selling it. It would probably cost close to, if not more than, a million dollars.