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This really depends on where you are working, your experience, and the facility you work at. From, the RANGE for an ultrasound technician in Seattle is $58,000 - $78,000.

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Q: How much does a ultrasound tech earn each year in Florida?
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How much money does an ultrasound technician in Canada earn?

250,00000 a hour!

How much does a ultrasound tech earn in Florida?

Approx. $44,662 - $65,077 This is based on an hourly rate ranging between $21.98 - $31.13 Obviously this will vary based on experience and other factors.

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How much does an Ultrasound tech earn in Seattle WA?

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How much money an ultrasound technician earns in New Jersey will vary depending on experience, where one works, and where in New Jersey one is located. The average salary of a ultrasound technician in New Jersey is 79,484.00.

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