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Pro V 1 and Pro V 1x- 45.9 grams

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Q: How much does a titleist golf ball weigh?
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How much does the typical golf ball weigh?

The maximum is 45.9 grams, so this is what they usually weigh, a Titleist Pro V 1 weighs this.

How much does a golf ball weigh?

A golf ball can't weigh more than 45.9 grams.

How much does a titleist golf ball cost?

About $40-50 or £30-40 for a dozen Pro Vs.

How much does a golf ball weigh in kilograms?

Kilograms is not a useful unit to measure a golf ball. A golf ball must weigh no more than 45.9 grams.

What are the best golf balls for an amateur?

Depends how much you want to spend. Titleist Pro V 1 is used by a lot of amateurs but is classed as a premium ball. Any Titleist ball is suitable for a high handicapper.

How much does a golf ball weigh in grams?

According to R and A rules a golf ball may weigh no more than 1.620 oz (approximately 45.93 grams) Hope this helps :)

Club head speed 70mph which golf ball to use?

I would recommend a distance ball, how much you are willing to spend will dictate which brand you buy. Titleist/ Callaway and Taylormade balls would be best.

What are good golf balls?

The best ball on the market is the Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x. These are very popular with professionals and amateurs. Another good ball is the Taylormade TP Red and TP black. Srixon z-stars and z-urs are also very good balls. It all depends on personal preference, and how much you are happy to spend on golf balls.

How much would the earth weigh if it had dimples like a golf ball?

If all the earth's material were re-shaped so the earth looked like a golf ball, it would weigh the same as it does now. And that's about 5.9736×1024 kg.

How much does a laundry basket full of golf balls weigh?

One golf ball weighs roughly 46 grams, so 46g times the number of Golf balls.

Is a golf ball bigger than a cricket ball?

No, a cricket ball is much larger than a golf ball.

How much mass does a golf ball have?

The maximum mass for a golf ball is 45.93 grams.

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