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The price for NFL tickets will vary depending on the team and also the seats. Ticket prices generally start near $100 per ticket.

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Q: How much does a ticket to a NFL game cost?
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How much does a NFL football game cost?

Are you asking about the ticket cost or about the stage entrance? There are various ways to grab the ticket or know the cost, best can be through NFL game pass coupons or codes. If you can't wait to watch it LIVE; NFL preseason Live coupon can answer the quest thoroughly.

How much do NFL tickets cost?

The price of NFL tickets vary depending on the team and the seat. Ticket prices can cost between $75.00 and $1000.00.

How much does an NFL preseason football ticket cost?

The same as regular season tix

How much do NFL game balls cost?

The prices for NFL game balls will vary depending on the game and the team. Some game balls have sold for as high as $10,000.

How much is NFL Sunday ticket?


How much money is made off nfl ticket sales per game?

Nearly $800000 per game in the regular season.

Where can one purchase NFL Football tickets?

You can purchase from the official online NFL ticket exchange or you can now buy it from other fans directly. When you can't attend a game you can sell your ticket on NFL ticket exchange powered by the ticketmaster.

How much does a ticket cost if you are going to a nfl game?

Ticket prices obviously vary team by team. The better the team, the higher the ticket prices. I'd say on average a seat costs around $60. For example, if you were looking at trying the get tickets for this week's Dolphins/Jets game, I see ticket prices ranging from $60 to $500+

Does a 3 yr old need a ticket to a NFL game?

Why are you taking a 3-year-old to an NFL game? Not a good idea.

How much does the super bowl ring cost that each player receives for his participation in the game?

The NFL makes them so it doesn't cost anything for the NFL. Its not for sale, but if it was for sale it would cost 440, I think.

What is the average price of a NFL Game?

Around $70.00 per ticket!

How do you get the Patriots game Sunday on twc?

Check to see if TWC has the NFL sunday ticket. If they do, you can order it and get every football game.

How much would it cost to be on a NFL professional football team?

It would cost nothing, you get payed to play in the NFL

What is the current number of season ticket holders in the NFL?

how many NFL season ticket holders

How much does a umpire in the NFL make?

How much does an NFL Umpire make for a playoff football game?

How much beer is sold at a NFL game How many hot dogs are sold at a NFL game?


How much does it cost to go into the nfl hall of fame?

For adults, a one-day ticket is $23 and a two-day ticket (which is used on consecutive days, because the Hall is very large and Canton is somewhere you need to go to intentionally) is $38.

How much does it cost to train for the NFL?


How much does a NFL football cost?


Can you buy tickets for a nfl game at the ticket booth the day of the game?

Yes, but if its a big game you're more than likely going to have to pre-order them.

Where can someone buy tickets to the Seattle Seahawks game?

If someone wants to buy tickets to the Seattle Seahawks game they should refer to the NFL ticket exchange. The ticket exchange is a ticket buying program provided through the popular company known as ticketmaster.

How much does an NFL football cost?

1million dollar!!

How much does NFL football cost?

About twenty dallars..

How much does madden NFL 11 cost?


How much do NFL players make per game?

Doug Miller makes $156,000,000 dollars per NFL game

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