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The RSX is no longer made therefore you cannot buy one new.

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Q: How much does a rxs paintball gun cost?
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Around $200 American, depending where you buy it.

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The Yamaha RXS is a Posilube system ie: a small pump supplies the engine with the correct ratio, Use semi synthetic, or full synthentic 2 stroke oil for clean virtually smokeless exhaust.

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you would get around 65-70 out of a decent rxs maybe later 50s if you thrashed it alot pxr

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Shimano Ultegra 6700These have a carbon fiber reinforced body with the added wear resistance of a replaceable stainless steel metal support plate across the whole width of the pedal. Typical of Shimano, they have top quality, easily serviceable bearings, long-lasting cleats and a wide range of spring tension adjustment - all of which make these new lighter Ultegra pedals a top contender. And only the Time RXS First and Speedplay pedals are easier to clip into. The price might be a little steep, though compared with the £70 dearer Shimano Dura-Ace 7900s they're a steal.

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