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a Baseball player gets paid at least 60,000,000 a year

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Q: How much does a professional baseball player earn per year?
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How much money does a professional girl volleyball player earn?

There is not set amount of money that a professional girl volleyball player will earn. This depends on age and skill.

How much do professional baseball players earn per year?

at least 50,000,000

How much money earn professional basketball player earn per game?

1 cent per 10 years

How much does the average professional basket player earn?

like, one million dollars a year

How much money does a professional basketball player in the US earn?

the average is 10 million a year.

How much money does the average baseball player earn?

it depends on how good he is

How much do baseball player earn for beginer?

Low-end Minor Leaguers Earn about $30,000 a year

How much does a softball player get paid?

Professional softball players, of course, get paid. However, they do not earn nearly as much money as Major League Baseball players. The Olympic Team that will compete in Beijing this year does get paid, more than the professional softball players, but again, not as much as the average Major League Baseball player. For example, Jennie Finch drives a van, NOT a Ferrari.

How much does a professional soccer player get paid a year?

It really does depend on the players calibare. The better you are as a player and the more known you are to the public the more you earn.

How much does a professional volleyball player earn?

It depends on what team they play for, and how good they are. I'm sure that volleyball players earn lots of $$$, especially if they're one of the best players. :)

How much money does a US professional basketball player earn when he play in the Olympics?

The Olympics are not paid. The Olympic committee pays travel expenses.

How much does a professional sports player earn yearly?

It depends. But quite a lot. E.g. basketball players make 1 to 4 millions.