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2 billion a year.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-17 03:19:43
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Q: How much does a polo player make?
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What is the average salary for a professional polo player?

to much

How much money did Marco polo make on his expedition?

you tell me.

How much does a water polo player get paid per month?

5 dollars

How much does polo product cost to make?

nobody knows it. but it takes a little,the most is polo brand worth~

Did Polo Ralph Lauren actually make clothing for polo?

Polo Ralph Lauren adopted the logo of a polo player on a horse. The clothing line was popular among elites, yet Ralph Lauren did not mass market actual polo gear.

What do you all a person who plays water polo?

Water polo player. Just like soccer player, football player and hockey player.

How much salary does Ana Maria Polo Make?

She makes $300 an hour

Who did Gatsby refer to as the polo player?

Tom was referred to as the polo player the whole night which pleased Gatsby.

What is a string of polo ponies?

a string of polo ponies is the 7 horses that a polo player plays on during a game.

When did Marco Polo make the Marco Polo game?


How much does a professional water polo player train each week?

3 times a day and 5 Days a week =) Grantham water polo collge or Manchester uni =D

What is the meaning of polista?

A "Polista" is a "polo player". It is an Argentine slang term for a polo player as polo is such a popular sport there that they have a nick-name for it. Polistas is also a brand name for a polo lifestyle company with a 3 polo player logo. Polistas sells classic clothing for men, women and children and is based in London, England with distributors in the USA, Dubai, Nigera, and France. Polistas was founded in 2001 by international polo player (Polista) Johnny Lynn.

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