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The Losing player's share in the 2009 World Series was $265,357.50, the winning player's share was. $365,052.73

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Q: How much does a player on the team losing the World Series get paid?
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How much were the players paid that were in the first World Series?

The Winning player's share in the 1903 World Series was $1,182, and the losing player's share was $1,316.

How much did the 2008 World Series winners get?

In the 2008 World Series the Winning players share was $351,504, and the losing player's share was $223,390

How much will the winners of the 2008 World Series earn?

The winning player's share (Philadelphia Phillies) was $351,504, and the losing player's share (Tampa Bay Rays) was $223,390.

How much money did the Giants Players make In the world series?

Full winning shares for 2010 World Series were $317,631.29. Losing shares paid $246,279.55.

How much money did Texas Rangers make in the World Series?

For the 2010 World Series, the Giants' winning share was 317-318K while the losing Rangers' share was 246-247K, per person. Perhaps that is why player's agents go for sweeteners in their clients' contracts - the World Series money is "paltry" by comparison.

Baseball salary for each player that wins the 2008 World Series?

How much does a player for the world series receive.... win or lose..?? thanks

How much does a player make for a home run in the world series?


How much did a player earn for winning a World Series in baseball?

it all depends on the market of the team. if your the pirates you get about 1/4 of what the Yankees would get.

How much will the Yankee players earn for the World Series?

Each player of the New York Yankees received $365,052.73 for winning the World Series.

How much does each player get that wins the 2009 World Series?

Players on the winning team for the 2009 World Series each received $365,052.73.

How much money do the world series losers get?

It depends on attendances and seat prices in the years played. 2010 losing shares were $246,279.55

How much did the Anaheim angels get for winning the 2002 World Series?

The Angels share for winning the 2002 World Series was $272,147 per player, and the Giants share was $186,186 per player.