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This is one of those "It depends" questions.

Your first considerations should include questions about what kind of space you have? Are you going to need to level ground, clear trees, remove rocks?

Secondly, how elaborate do you want to get with Fencing, dugouts, infield dirt, irrigation and spectating areas. Its not hard to dig up some grass and stick a chicken wire fence 300' out and call it a Baseball field. Remember "The Sandlot"?

Finally equipment like base and plate equipment, scoreboards, batting cages, water fountains, bathrooms, and many other things come into play.

My father is chairman of the parks and recreation board in a small New England town. He and the town, in cooperation with the towns Little League program (of which he was formerly president, hence the interest in baseball erected a field with simple dugouts, fencing, a level playing field, and reasonable grass from a pretty barren old farm field and it cost them about $30,000

So figure out which features you want and ask those questions... :-D Hope this helps

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depends of the team and market. most recent double a sale was around 18-20 million.

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It depends what stadium it is and your age

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It would cost 9200 pounds

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Q: How much does a minor league baseball team cost?
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