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Depends on length

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Q: How much does a metal baseball bat weigh?
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Would you weigh a baseball bat in grams or kilograms?

You would weigh a baseball bat in kilograms.

How much does a baseball bat weigh?

Little League from about 17-22oz Adult from about 28-34oz

How much does a wooden baseball bat weigh t?

There isn't really a standard weight for wooden baseball bats like there is for metal and composite bats. Most of the time wooden bats are about a -2 to -3 drop. For example, a 33in bat would weight about 31 - 30 ounces.

Can you hit a baseball farther when hitting with a wood or metal bat?

You can hit farther with a metal bat.

Which baseball bat will make the ball go the farthest a wooden bat or a metal bat?

metal also known as aluminum

Which bat hits a baseball harder a wodden bat or a metal bat?

a metal bat because its got a better grip so you can hold the bat harder

Does an aluminum bat or an metal bat hit a baseball further?

of course an aluminum bat would!!

Who made the first metal baseball bat?

In 1924 a patent was issued to William Shroyer for the first metal baseball bat. Despite this early patent, metal bats were not seen in the game of baseball until 1970, when Worth introduced the games first aluminum baseball bat.

Does a baseball get hit farther by a composite bat or a metal bat?

Metal bats hit the ball further which is why at unprofessional levels of baseball they use metal but when you get to the MLB you have to use wood.

Does a baseball bat weigh one kilogram?


What baseball bat hits farther metal aluminium or wood?


How much would a bat weigh on the moon?

Depends on how much the bat weighs on Earth