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The least paid relief pitcher in Major League Baseball in 2011 was 414,000 dollars. The highest paid relief pitcher that same year was paid 15 million dollars.

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It depends on how good the pitcher is, and how much a teams salary will allow. A decent pitcher will usually get paid from 700,000 to 5,000,000

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Q: How much does a major league pitcher make a year?
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How much does a major league baseball player make a day on minimum?

Way to much!!!!

Can a little league pitcher re-enter?

A starting pitcher who is removed cannot re-enter in either league, if he is removed from the game. It's rarely if ever done in Major League baseball, but if a pitcher is removed as a pitcher but placed in another position he can later return to the pitcher position.

How much money did Major League gross worldwide?

Major League grossed $49,793,054 worldwide.

How much do major league baseball players make when they retire?

25,000 per year

How much money did Major League gross domestically?

Major League grossed $49,793,054 in the domestic market.

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Submit another question with the pitcher's name and as much information as you can.

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On average how much money do major league baseball players make a season?

5 to 8 million dollars

How much money did the Major League Baseball make in 2010?

In 2010 season the MLB League Revenue was 6.8 billion ...REFER TO LINK POSTED @BOTTOM OF PAGER ...

How much does a baseball major league player make?

The average salary for a Major League Baseball player is $3.39 million. The New York Yankees are the highest paying team in the league.

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