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Q: How much does a major league curve ball move?
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How do you curve free kicks on FIFA 12?

As you are powering your shot, move your analog stick the way that you want the ball to curve

How do you curve a kamehameha?

since kamehameha is a fiction move on dragon ball z you cant really do a kamehameha wave in real life lol

I want to curve a soccer ball but how do I do that?

If ur a right footer,hit the bottom right of the ball with the area between ur right foot's toe side and its joint(toe knuckle) If ur a left footer,its vice-versa. Yes, but what part of the ball and what way does it curve? Example: The bottom (below the centre line) outside (right if right footed) or bottom back or somewhere in between. I heard Beckham (for corners and free kicks) would move at right angles to the direction the ball was to move. If the ball was at the centre of the pitch in line with the goal, he would approach the ball as if he was moving from one side of the pitch to the other, hit the ball (however?) and the ball would curve to the right, over the blockers and then left down toward the goal. Is this so?

Does the size of the ball effect how fast it rolls?

The size of a ball does affect how fast it rolls. Surface also play a major role in how fast a ball will move.

How can you curve the ball on power soccer?

just hold the right mouse hold it and the left mouse hold it and move the mouse right or left and let it go

Why are wind appear to curve?

the curve because the power of the wind is making it move in a curved path

What would happen if the joint between your arm and shoulder was not a ball and socket joint?

If the joint between your arm and shoulder was not a ball and socket joint, you could not be able to move your arm. Ball and socket joints allow you to move in most directions. Because of this, you can move your arm up, down, side to side, front and back, and around in a circle. The ball and socket joint is one of the four major kinds of movable joints. (The four major joints are ball and socket joints, gliding joints, hinge joints, and pivotal joints in case you didn't know.)

What happens if you hit a ball on the green with your putter by accident and the ball does not move?

There is no penalty if the ball doesn't move, but that seems highly unlikely. If the ball does move you should replace the ball and receive a one stroke penalty.

Can an object be accelerated without speeding up or slowing down?

Yes, it can move in a curve.

Can you move a ball out of a puddle in the fairway?

Yes you can move the ball a club length to the side

What makes global winds curve?

Coriolis force causes global winds to curve. As winds move north or south, they are deflected due to the rotation of the Earth. They curve to the west.

Can you move an obstruction such as a Styrofoam cup if your ball is lying against it without penalty?

Yes, if you move it without moving the ball. If you move the cup and the ball, then it's a penalty.