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$ 3.50 in the off season. Just took a tour, and that is what was on the sign.

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Q: How much does a hot-dog cost at dallas cowboy stadium?
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Who is stadium is bigger cowboys or redskins?

obviously the cowboy's because theirs cost over a billion dollars

How much did it cost to see a Cowboys game in 1960?

The 1960 Dallas Cowboy ticket prices:Season Tickets, 6 games: $ 27.60 ($4.60 per game)Single Game:Reserved seating: $ 4.60General Admission: $ 2.75Student Admission: $ 1.00Information from a 1960 Dallas Cowboy schedule card from "Cowboy Joe".

How much money did the Dallas Cowboys scoreboard cost?

The scoreboard in Cowboys Stadium cost $40 million.

How much did the Dallas Cowboys new Stadium cost?

The Cowboys stadium costs about an estimated 1.2 billion dollars. There stadium is huge.

How much money does a professional football team cost to buy in 2008?

The cost of an NFL stadium varies, depending on When the venue was built, the size, amenities, location and available infrastructure. The development cost for the most recent stadiums: Meadowlands Stadium - Jets/Giants Under Construction - Opening 8/2010 Estimated Cost - $ 1,300,000,000 (1.3 Billion) Cowboy Stadium - Dallas Cowboys Under Construction - Opening 9/2009 Estimated Cost - $1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Lucas Oil Stadium - Indianapolis Colts Opened - 9/2008 Cost - $ 720,000,000 University of Phoenix Stadium - Arizona Cardinals Opened - 8/2006 Cost - $ 455,000,000 Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia Eagles Opened 9/2003 Cost - $320,000,000 Soldier Field II - Chicago Bears Opened - 9/2003 Cost - $365,000,000 Gillette Stadium - New England Patriots Opened - 9/2002 Cost - $325,000,000 Reliant Stadium - Houston Texans Opened - 9/2002 Cost - $325,000,000 Qwest Field - Seattle Seahawks Opened - 9/15/2002 Cost - $450,000,000 Ford Field Detroit Lions Opened - 9/2002 Cost - $430,000,000

What was the cost of cowboy boots in 1930?

1930 Cowboy Boots Are At Least $50-$100

How much did the New Meadowlands Stadium cost to build?

The New Meadowlands Stadium construction cost was $1.6 billion.

The cost of St Mary's Stadium in Southampton?

The total construction cost of St Mary's Stadium was 32 Million Pounds

How much does it cost to fly from quatar to dallas tx-?

It cost 1005 usd to fly from qatar to dallas texas.

How much does a Football Stadium Cost?

It would cost $5,000,000

Which Turkish soccer stadium can seat the most fans?

Answer Atatürk Olympic Stadium is actually the largest stadium in Turkey with a capacity of about 75,486 seats. If you were to not count this stadium, there is another stadium under construction at this very moment. The construction of Turk Telekom began on the 13th of December and will open in August of 2010. The capacity of the stadium is an approximate 52,647 seats. It goes by the name of Türk Telekom Stadium and will be opened for Galatasaray A.Ş., the rightful owners of the stadium and of which cost €180 million only up to date. It will be considered a UEFA Elite Stadium hence construction is completed.

How much does a bey stadium cost?

about 9.00$