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It depends on the race.

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Q: How much does a horse jockey get if they win?
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Related questions

How much does a jockey win if he wins the race?

In the United States, in Thoroughbred racing the jockey wins 10% of the horse's winnings for a given race.

Can a horse win a race if the jockey falls off?


What are some good racing tips?

First look at the racing form and the odds of each race. Then read about the jockey that is riding the horse you our betting on. Both th odds and the Jockey's past races are the main knowledge needed. How many times did the horse win in the past and with each win who was the jockey riding the horse and is the jockey's weight less as the more weight the horse must carry the less chance of the horse winning first or second or even third place..

Can a horse win a race without a jockey?

Yes, but technically, it will be disqualified

What horse event has the most prize money?

I'd have to say horse racing, if you're a good enough jockey to win.

Who will win 2014 Durban July?

The first horse and jockey past the winning post.

How much does the jockey get to win Kentucky Derby?

In the 2010 Kentucky Derby, the owner of the winning horse won $1,425,200. From those winnings the owner pays a percentage to the jockey, usually around 10% of his share of the purse. So Calvin Borel took home about $142,520 as the winning jockey.

Last person to win a triple crown in horse racing?

No one....It 's a horse race. Only a horse has won the race! And the last horse to win the Triple Crown was Affirmed in 1978. The jockey on Affirmed was Steve Cauthen.

How much does a horse jockey make a year?

Depends on how much he wins.

Who was the only dead Jockey to win a Horse race?

Frank Hayes was a jockey who, in 1923, suffered a fatal heart attack in the midst of a race at Belmont Park in New York. His horse, Sweet Kiss, finished and won the race with his lifeless body still atop, making him the first, and thus far, only, jockey to win a race after death.

What does a jockey do for a living?

A jockey rides a race horse in horse racing.

What is a jockey's brake?

Horse reins are what jockey's use to "brake" a horse.

What is a Jockey Uniform?

A jockey uniform is the coloured silks worn by the jockey when riding in a horse race. The colours of the silks are chosen by the owner of the horse when he registers his ownership of the horse.

How much money does a Preakness jockey make for the win?


One who rides horse in a race?

Jockey is defined as a person who rides a horse in a race.

What was the name of the horse that won the 1939 Kentucky Derby?

Jockey James Stout rode 'Johnstown' to win the 1939 Derby.

A professionl rider in horse races?

jockey jockey

What do you call somebody who does horse racing?

A jockey is the term for someone who rides horses in horse races. Or more specifically a horse jockey.

Who was the first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby?

The first jockey to win the Kentucky Derby was Oliver Lewis.

What is the purpose of a jockey?

The purpose of the jockey in a horse race is to guide and control the horse they are riding through the race.

What was the name of the horse and the jockey that won the Kentucky Derby in 1986?

Ferdinand was the horse and Willie Shoemaker was the jockey.

What are some horsetycoon cheats?

There are many cheats available in the game Horse Tycoon. To win races through cheats, pick the Dog Chaser as your horse and Harry Cheese as your jockey.

What is the helmet called that a horse jockey wears?

Jockey's Helmet

What does a jockey ride on in a race?

A jockey rides on a horse in a race

What horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1995?

Jockey Gary Stevens rode 'Thunder Gulch' to win the 1995 Kentucky Derby.