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high school coaches earn different salaries depending on experience and years coaching

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Q: How much does a high school coach earn for a basketball season?
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How much does a basketball coach earn?

depends, good NCAA coaches earn around 1.6 million depending on his/her season.

What is the yearly income of a high school basketball coach?

Part time coaches earn less, full time coaches earn more (often the same as a teacher)

How much does a professional basketball coach earn?

13million a month .

How much does Oregon's basketball coach Craig Robinson earn?

Craig Robinson doesn't coach Oregon, he coach's Oregon State.

How much does high school basketball referee earn?

They will earn up to $22 per game. However, this number can fluctuate. Some referees will get paid per season.

How much does Oregon State University's Basketball Coach earn?

5 cents

What percentage of high school basketball player earn college basketball scholarshipsscholarships?


How much does Phil Jackson earn as the Lakers coach?

$10 million for the 2007-08 season.

How much money does basketball earn?

Basketball is a rich sport and there are legends that get paid 30+ a season so pretty much $1 a sec

Who was first college football coach to make 1 million?

Bobby Bowden from Florida State, was the first college football coach to earn $1 million for a season in 2001.

What percentage of high school basketball player earn college basketball scholarships?

about 35% of high

How do you get money from playing soccer?

Only if you go pro can you earn money or become a school coach.

How much does high school football coaches make a year in Florida?

It can vary depending on what district you are in, but as a head football coach in Jacksonville I earn 5k simply as the coach.

How much money does a college baseball coach earn?

a college coach earn like 52,000 in a year .

How much does josh McRoberts earn?

According to Pro Basketball Reference, Josh McRoberts' salary for the 2007-08 season was $427,163.

How much do football coaches earn?

The salary of football coaches varies depending on the level of the athletes they coach. For example, high school football coaches make maybe several thousand dollars per season. On the other hand, coaches of professional football teams make several millions of dollars per season.

How do you earn badges on fuel up to play 60?

in the playbook you can earn offense coach and defense coach and many ore

How much money does a high school football coach earn in Alabama?

More than the fat-assed Johnny Reb is worth.

How much does a high school softball coach earn?

A high school coaches salary will depend on the school's funding for this position. A teacher at the school will usually do this job. A coaches salary can be a few thousand dollars added to their salary.

How much do big ten basketball referees earn for one game?

$250 plus mileage. I graduated high school with one of them

What are the points about basketball?

To earn points in basketball, you sink the ball in the basket.

How do you you letter in high school soccer?

There are several different ways to earn a varsity letter in High School soccer. It varies according to state and school requirements. For a majority of schools, you must play in at least half of the regular season games. For other schools, it may be as simple as the coach deciding that the player is worthy of receiving the letter. This varies from college soccer in which you only need to have playing time in a single game.

How much do basketball players earn in the Swedish basketball league?

alot alot

How much money does the average basketball player earn?

They earn about 12 million.

Did Tom Selleck earn a letter for basketball at USC?

Tom Selleck did earn a letter for basketball at USC. He attended USC on a basketball scholarship. He had originally planned to study architecture, but changed his mind and studied acting.