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It just depends on where you live. High school coaches are not typically paid as full time employees. They are not typically paid a salary. High school coaches, even in large schools are typically paid by contract and only for the season. The typical pay range of a high school coach for a class B school in Michigan is $2000 to $4000 a season.

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Q: How much does a high school basketball coach make a year?
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How much time does a coach have to make a sub for a player that has fouled out of a high school basketball game?

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How much does a basketball coach make a year?

how much does a basketball coach make a year?

How do you become a Letterman in high school basketball?

To letter you must make your school's varsity basketball team.

How much does a varsity high school soccer coach make?

A high school coaches salary usually differs depending on the high school.

When is high school basketball season?

the high school basketball season starts in the fall, and doesn't end until February if you make it into the state playoffs

How much does a high school baseball coach make a year in Washington?

High school coaches make a typical teacher's salary, and work as teachers, and sometimes are provided extra to be the head coach of their sport.

Who was the famous basketball player who did not make his high school basketball team?

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How much does you high school football coach make a year?

how much

How much does a high school football coach make in Texas?


How much does a high school football coach in Texas make?

70,000 a year

How much does a varsity high school soccer coach make in Oregon?

about 80000

What percentage of basketball players in high school make it to the ncaa?

.97 %

If you believe in yourself will you make the high school basketball team?

Of course. If you think you can make it, then go out there and do it.

How much money does a high school baseball coach make a year?

25-45 thousand

How much does a volleyball coach make?

I was paid 3k for the season, private 1a high school

How much does a high school football coach make in Los angeles California?

7500 a month

How much a season does a High School soccer coach make in Southern California?

Where I coach in Southern California, I get paid approx. $68.50 per season.

How do you become a basketball coach?

Depends on the level you're interested in. Youth? Go to your local youth sports program and volunteer. Grade or High School? Get your degree and apply for a teaching job. If you have no background in basketball, you may still get hired at schools with no tradition. My grade school coaches had books "how to coach basketball" "football for dummies". College? Not much of a chance unless you make a name for yourself in HS or know an athletic director. Basically, like anything else, you have to start small and work your way up...unless you know someone.

What basketball player didn't make his high school team?

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How many years do a basketball player have to play of college?

basketball players don't have to play college. they can just make the jump from high school to the NBA

How much does high school football coaches make a year in Florida?

It can vary depending on what district you are in, but as a head football coach in Jacksonville I earn 5k simply as the coach.

How do you get along with your high school coach?

The best way to get along with your high school coach is to find a common ground. Conversate with them and talk about things that you have in common with your coach. Also, never forget that your coach is always right. Never argue with your coach and always listen and agree with your coach, even if they're wrong. They are there to help you, not misguide you. Though not every coach knows everything, they know enough to steer you in the right way. If you want to suggest any changes, make sure you talk to your coach in a private and civil manner.

Why do middle school basketball teams have to dress up before a basketball game?

Its supposed to make you look good and presentable for the other team and coach befoer the game, so they wont think you are slobs or whatever.

What year did south oak cliff high school boys basketball team make it to the playoffs?


Do you need to be certified to coach High School sports in Utah?

There needs to be a certified teacher as the "coach", but they can hire people who are not certified in addition. You wont make much money though.