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Q: How much does a first division English football player earn?
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When was Scottish Football League First Division created?

Scottish Football League First Division was created in 1975.

When was Gozo Football League First Division created?

Gozo Football League First Division was created in 1937.

Does Liverpool belong in the fa premier league?

As they are the record holders for most first division wins in the English Football Association... no.

What was the first football league made?

The FLFD Football League First Division

Which was invented first American football or English Football?

English Football

Who is first 100000 pound football player in English football?

Dennis Law (Scotland) was the first player to be transferred for 100,000 pounds in English Football, when he transferred from Manchester City to Torino in June 1961.Previously Jimmy Greaves signed for 99,999 pounds from AC Milan to Tottenham Hotspur because he didn't want to be the first 100,000 pound player.

Who was the first sub used in English football?

when were subs first used in English football

What English football club won the first double?

Preston North End, 1889 Division One and FA Cup Champions in that same year.

How many premier league arsenal won?

Arsenal Football Club is an English Premier League football club based in Holloway , London. One of the most successful clubs in English football, it has won 13 First Division and Premier League titles and 10 FA Cups

What are facts about David Beckham?

David Beckham is a retired English football player. He was born on May 2, 1975. He was the first English player to win titles in four countries.

Who was the Last football team to win old first division?

Leeds United was the last team to win the old football first division.

Who was the first African American Division 1 head football coach?

The first African American Division 1 head football coach was Willie Jeffries at Wichita State in 1979.