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Q: How much does a federal prosecutor make per year?
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How much does a prosecutor earn?

I visited with a federal prosecutor about four years ago and he told me they make between 80-100,000 a year. Again this was four years ago, and this is on the federal level. I do not know what state and city prosecutors make.

What is the average salary does a Head Prosecutor make a year?

they make about 500,000 a year if not more. they make about 500,000 a year if not more.

How much does Ben Bernanke make a year?

As chairman of the Federal Reserve, Bernanke's salary is $180,000 per year

How much money does a wildlife biologist make on average each year?

about 100,000 a year but only if you work for the federal government

How much money do a prosecutor get paid?

they get paid anywhere from $50,000 to half a million dollars a year.

How much money does the united stated make in one year?

$50,000,000 Edit: My calculations show about 2,800,000,000,000.00 a year in Federal Tax Revs.

How much federal taxes are taken out on 25000 a year?

haw much federal take of 25000 a years

How much money does the federal take in each year from taxes?

To much....

how much can i make in a year to be able to file for tax for that year ?

I assume you mean what's the max you can make before having to file federal taxes. If you're single, $8,750. If you're married, $17,500.

How much money does the federal government take in each year from tax's?

To much....

How much does the average aeronautical engineer make per year?

žBachelor's = $51,000 Master's = $63,000 PhD = $72,500 Federal Government = $70,000 - $100,000

How much do murder lawyers make?

I am personally a lawyer that specializes in murder. In my first year I made around 124,000 dollars after taxes. It all depends on the education you have and which firm you work at. I live in NYC, so the pay is a little it higher because of the cost of living.