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a softball weighs 6.8 oz

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Q: How much does a fast pitch softball weigh?
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Related questions

How much does a slow pitch softball weigh?

6.8 ounces

What is faster a baseball pitch or softball pitch?

In terms of actual speed, a baseball pitch is much faster then a softball pitch. However, a softball pitcher throws from a shorter distance so it often looks just as fast if not faster then a baseball pitcher.

How much does a softball wiegh?

The permitted weight of a softball for international fast pitch play is between 6.25 oz (178 g) and 7.0 oz (198.4 g).

What is a crow hop in fast pitch softball?

A crow hop in fast pitch softball is when the pitcher basically hops off the mound while shes pitching. She literally jumps, bringing both feet off of the ground. Which is ILLEGAL in softball. in order for her footing to be legal during a pitch, if she is right handed, her right toe should drag the ground. the left foot can come off the ground as much as it can, but not the right one. hope this helps

How much does a softball weigh?

Official softball weight is 6.8 oz

How much does a 12 inch softball weigh?

The standard softball must weigh at least 6.25 oz and no more than 7 oz.

How much does a standard softball weigh?

.5 lb

Are the ways you hold a softball to pitch the same as holding a baseball to pitch?

no the softball is much bigger and different. you use your index, middle, ring, and pinky(for support) and your thumb to pitch. softball and baseball has the nsame pitches, but different ways to do it. trust me I'm a softball player :) and a pitcher:) and a hitting slugger:)

Does a strike out count as an at bat in fast pitch softball?

Yes. At bats are counted pretty much identically to baseball. Thing that would result in no at bat would be: walk, hit by pitch, sacrifice fly, sacrifice bunt.

How much do pro women softball players make?

A salary cap with the National Pro Fast pitch League keeps the salaries between $7,500 and $15,000 per year.

How much does a regulation softball weigh?

between 6.25oz and 7oz.

Is a softball motion easier than a baseball motion?

A softball pitch is a lot harder to master than a baseball pitch because the motion is so different than regular throwing. However, once the pitcher has the motion down, the softball pitch is much easier on the body than a baseball pitch. This is because the softball pitch is a lot smoother than the violent baseball pitch. It cause a lot less shoulder injuries than a baseball pitch.

Is baseball more difficult than softball?

AnswerThe answer depends on whom you ask. First, I will assume you're referring to fast-pitch softball, because slow-pitch softball is a game anyone can play. As we used to say, softball is for everyone, but fast-pitch is for athletes. It's true that the ball is smaller and harder in baseball, but the distance from the mound to home plate is much shorter in softball. And because top pitchers can throw at better than 70mph in softball, that can be very intimidating. The field is smaller in softball, so it's harder to hit a home run in baseball, but the smaller softball field tends to make the game much quicker and requires very fast reflexes. Softball pitchers can vary their pitches with the same accuracy and variety as baseball pitchers.Baseball and softball are both excellent games requiring similar skills. It all depends on which game you like and which game your more comfortable with.I think that if you really think about it either could be harder and either could be easier because if you already play one of the sports you know how to play. but if your new than softball may be easier because of the size of the ball.It really depends on the ball size I mean you play with a softer ball in softball and it is much bigger compared to a normal size baseball so you have more of a chance of hitting it.

How fast does the average 11 year old girl pitch in fast pitch softball?

It varies between how much you practice how much power you have your arm and footwork Im 11 And Pitch 58 usually on a good day maybe 63 but fot every foot you leap of the mound you get 3 mph per foot you leap

Does bat speed help you hit a softball farther?

Generally, yes - or at lest to a greater extent than it does in baseball. Physically, the harder you hit the ball (mostly speed of the bat) the farther it will travel. In softball, the speed of the incoming ball really doesn't vary all that much between fast pich and slow pitch. In baseball, the speed of the incoming ball - if it's a fast ball especially - has a great bearing on how far the ball will travel. So if the bat speed is good in either sport, in softball the hit will travel farther. In baseball, with the right pitch, the hit will travel much farther.

How much bigger are softball fields compared to baseball fields?

Softball fields are actually much smaller than baseball fields. This makes softball a faster paced game. It also makes it so that you have to have fast reflexes to play successfully in the infield.

How much education do softball players need?

Enough to hit a pitch and run around the bases.

How much does a size 12 softball weigh?

They must be in a weight range of 6.25 oz and 7 oz.

How much does Crystal Bustos weigh?

Famous softball player Crystl Bustos weighs 225 pounds

Which is better a fast pitch bat or a slow pitch bat?

Definitely fast pitch bat. FP bats are usually composite bats, they make the ball go farther and they also reduce sting in the hands. SP bats are usually metal bats and don't make the ball go as far and causes a sting in the hands when hitting the ball. You can also use metal bats in FP softball but it is much better to use a composite

Is soccer or softball harder?

soccer is not as hard as softball ball because you have to do a lot of stuff in softball but in soccer you just have to run up and down the field and kick the ball and it is more boring than softball is ! GO SOFTBALL!

What is a change up in softball?

It's a pitch where you look like you're throwing a fastball but moves much slower

How many games can a softball pitcher pitch?

As many as she can without getting sore. There is no limit like is common in baseball. The softball pitching motion is much more natural and places much less sress on the shoulder if the pitcher's mechanics are correct. Many top softball pitchers can throw two games a day if needed,

How much does Jesper Fast weigh?

NHL player Jesper Fast weighs 165 pounds.

Why does a foam softball seem much lighter than a normal softball?

why does a foam softball seeem much lighter than a normal softball