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Q: How much does a dangerous power g3 go for used?
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Does the new dangerous power g3 come with psp 3 shot?

No, but the Special Edition ones will, and you can buy an upgrade board for the G3

Does the dangerous power g3 and the new dangerous power g4 have the same grip size?

Yes, its still the standard .45 grips.

What type of grips does the Dangerous Power G4 use?

standard .45 grips, the same ones on the G3.

Is the Dangerous Power G3 better than the WGP Synergy?

Yes, even when considering price Because: The G3 frame and design is lighter. The G3 had a more sophisticated valve and electric board. The G3 has one of the best Asa's available. The G3 has an actual feedneck, not a piece of plastic. WGP have tendencies to break down.

What is better a spider electra or a dangerous power g3?

The G3 is a better gun not just from a personal stand point, but obvious reasons. The G3 is the lightest marker ever produced. There are many more modes then the spyder and the metal is of a higher quality. The Spyder is also an older gun then the G3.

Will the dangerous power g3 paintball marker accept compressed air?

Yes! in fact, it will not work on CO2 at all.

Does dangerous power g3 run on just psi?

Psi stands for Pound Square Inch, which is a measurement of pressure. What you are thinking of is HPA or High Pressure Air tanks (sometimes called nitrogen or nitro) and yes, the G3 can only use HPA tanks.

What is better in cod4 the G3 or the M14?

It depends on what you want out of the weapon. The G3 is stable, mobile, & moderate in power. While the M14 is heavy, about the same stability, but much more powerful. The G3 in hardcore will SOMETIMES kill in one shot. While the M14 will ALWAYSkill in one shot.

Is the g3 better then the invert mini?

Yes a Dangerous power g3 is better than an Invert Mini. If your a smaller person and prefer light guns the mini is better then go with the mini but a g3 is alot more reliable nice try but no, DP had a lot of QC issues with the g3, you were lucky if you got one that never had issues. Reliability aside the g3 is louder, has bad efficiency and kicks harder than the mini which it should not considering its base design is an unbalanced spool. Its a landslide victory for the mini in this case

How much does it cost to purchase a HP Proliant Dl380 G3?

The price of the HP Proliant D1380 G3 depends on whether one buys it used and where one decides to purchase this item. The HP Proliant D1380 G3 usually costs around $200.

Which motherboards are the most compatible with Mac ?

the power mac G3

What is the G3 from Dangerous Powers?

The G3 is the lightest marker in the Paintball industry. The internals are 100% different to that of an Ion, which consists of a firing can and multiple O-rings. The G3 has a similar bolt system to the Ion XE, though does not need a firing can and uses less O-rings. This makes up keep much easier and the gun much more efficient. As stated before the G3 is the lightest marker in the paintball marker at the moment, weighing 1.83 ounces. It is priced around 300.00 msrp. (Nearly the same prize as an Ion XE with a virtue board.