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I Think it is +500 oz

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Q: How much does a billion soccer balls weigh?
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How much does a trillion soccer balls weigh?

4.1 - 4.5 x 1011 Kg

How much does a soccer goalie weigh?

The goalie can weigh as much as he or she wants to weigh. There is no weight they must maintain.

How much money do American spend on soccer balls every year?

In 2015, Americans spent 94 MILLION dollars on soccer balls.

How much do riffle balls weigh?

Depends on the caliber

How much does A billion pennies weigh?

5,580,000 lbs

How much did cassini weigh?

300 billion kilograms

How much do pro soccer players weigh?


How much do bowling balls weigh?

Regulation ten-pin bowling balls must weigh no more than 16 lbs.

How much do roller coasters weigh?

They can weigh between 1 and 7 billion pounds.

How much is Brazil soccer team worth?

There wothless ,nada not even the sweath off my soccer balls.

How much did pirate cannon balls weigh?

sixteen pounds

How much do cumulus clouds weigh?

2.2 billion pounds

How much does Michelle yang weigh?

1 billion tons

How much did Michael Jordan weigh when he was a baby?

2 billion

How much does raini rodreiguiz weigh?

1 billion pounds

How much do one billion pennies weigh?

1 billion pennies would weigh 5,511,556.55 pounds. The weight of a penny is 2.5 grams

How much does 386 billion billion gallons of water weigh in pounds?

Multiply gallons by 8.345 to get your answer.

How much does a soccer ball weigh in pounds?

1.1 lbs

How much soccer cleats weigh?

depends on the cleat what cleat do you have

How much do f50 soccer cleats weigh?

5.8 oz

How much is a 8 ball of crystal meth weigh?

8 balls weigh 3.75 grams

Do soccer balls have helium?

Soccer balls do not contain helium. if they did, they would float like a balloon! Actually, that's not true. A soccer ball would NOT float like a balloon--they weigh too much. It would, however, increase the distance ever so slightly over that of a regular air filled soccer ball. Eventually over time, the helium would dissipate, much like a helium balloon that slowly falls to the ground.

How much does a pool ball weigh?

Pool balls weigh between 5.5oz and 6oz or 156g to 170g.

How much does a division 2 soccer player get paid in Europe?

5 billion

How much more does Uranus weigh than the earth?

4.7 billion