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A battery for a Powakaddy Golf cart costs around $100. They can be bought online, at golf stores like Golf Supply Store, Golf Town, Golf Smith and Golf Warehouse.

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Q: How much does a battery for a Powakaddy golf cart cost?
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Where can one purchase a Powakaddy golf cart?

One can purchase a Powakaddy golf cart on specialist golf sites such as Complete Golfer and Direct Golf. They can also be bought from larger sports stores like Sports Direct and JD Sports as well as online from Lilywhites.

Where can a person go to find sales on electric golf trolleys made by Powakaddy?

The best place to find official sales for electic golf trolleys made by Powakaddy is the official Powakaddy website. Additionally, you can purchase low-cost, used electric golf trolleys made by Powakaddy from auction sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

How do you get golf cart battery acid of of driveway?


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What is the value of a 1997 club car golf cart?

Cost of the Club Car Golf Cart

Weight of an electric golf cart?

I have a blog that can show you electric golf carts maybe you will find what are looking for here (I ) new Powakaddy Freeway 2 weighs 9kg without battery, 11.5kg with the lithium battery and 19kg with the lead acid battery.Most electric golf cars will weigh between 850 to 950 pounds with the batteries.On average an electric cart w/o batteries will weigh between 600 - 700 lbs.

Where can a spare golf cart battery be bought?

Spare golf cart batteries can be bought from a number of specialist golf hardware providers both online and in a specialist golf store. You can also purchase them from specific golf cart dealers.

How much does a golf cart battery weigh?

30 pounds

What will a car battery run besides a car?

Golf cart.

Where are PowaKaddy trolleys sold at?

PowaKaddy golf trolleys are sold at Golf Gear Direct. They sell a variety of models from the base model to the most advanced fully loaded trolley models.

Average cost of Golf Cart?

$5000 to $7000.

Does a golf cart battery always need a full charge?


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