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1mill or higher or lower

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Q: How much does a base ball player make?
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How much does a pro paint ball player make?

they make about 35 million a year!

How much does a French Open tennis ball boy make?

there is no pay for ball boys ps I am a pro tennis player and I am in the us open

How much does NFL player Montee Ball weigh?

NFL player Montee Ball weighs 215 pounds.

How much does NFL player Alan Ball weigh?

NFL player Alan Ball weighs 197 pounds.

How much does NFL player Marcus Ball weigh?

NFL player Marcus Ball weighs 210 pounds.

How heavy is a softball?

there bigger than a base ball but not much heavier.

How much money does a does a basket ball player make in a year?

like about 1200.00 a day. they earn this amoun t because the are famous

What is 'reaching in' in basketball?

It a type of foul. It's when a defending player tries to steal the ball but makes too much contact with the player who has the ball.

How much does it cost to make a rugby ball?

to make a rugby ball it cost about 2-3 pounds!

What is a loose ball in basketball play?

When a defending player attempts a steal or a block and bats it away from the offending player, causing the ball to be out of possession, or 'loose'. Its pretty much when no player is holding the ball, but it is still in play.

Why is tougher to field a ball at third base then at first base?

When hit by right hand-ers (the majority of batters) it means the ball was pulled that direction and is going much faster. So the 3rd baseman must have fast reflexes. Also the 3rd baseman then has to make the throw to 1st base. This is a far throw and the 3rd baseman must have a strong accurate arm.

How much does an arena football player make in a year?

how much money do a football player make a year?

How much does a basket ball player make?

It depends on the player, For example if he's a proffessional , he earns about 5,000,000$ a month, If he's a good or average he earns about 2,000,000$, and if he's a Veteran or a Rookie, he earns about 850,000$

Why is it important for to catcher to catch the ball once the batter misses?

The catcher needs to catch the ball because the ball is still a "live" ball. (Unless it's a foul ball that the catcher wouldn't likely catch that anyway. Any base runners may advance when the ball is "live" at their peril. If the ball is not caught, there isn't much peril to runners running to the next base.

What is the ball Rotation after an infield out?

It depends on where the out was made. Pretty much all the infielders catch the ball. The final player to get the ball in around the horn is the catcher who gives it to the pitcher.

How much people make up a volley ball court?

there are 6 people on a volley ball cort

How much does LPN make in Louisville KY?

not much... ;) Base of 13.42/hr in hospitals. Base of $15.50/hr in LTC.

How much does a pro NFL player make in a year?

make too much

How much does it cost to make a golf ball?

30 cents

What is the value of a christy mathewson rookie card?

how much value does Lou gehrig base ball card have

How much does a retired NFL player make?

Not that much

How much money do basketball player make?

it depends on the player

How much does an soccer player make?

It depends how good the player is.

How much does a rookie professional basketball player make?

A rookie b-ball player makes about 5-10 million dollars per year depending on their rating. They make 5-10 million dollar in the nba. In the ncaa ..... I dont know but they would make about 6 million easily if they are good

When a NFL player gives a ball away how much do the NFL charge?

Fifty dollars