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You would be paid on a union scale, and must join the union to participate.

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Q: How much does a background actor or dancer in a Broadway musical earn?
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How do you use the word musical in a sentence?

He plays a musical instrument. The actor once had a small part in a musical on Broadway.

What actor had the last name of pinza in the Broadway musical named south pacific?

Ezio Pinza.

What is a Broadway performer?

A Broadway performer is an actor or actress who has been in a show on Broadway.

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George Cohan, known as the "Man who owned Broadway", was an American entertainer, playwright, composer, lyricist, actor, singer, dancer and producer. He is known as the father of American musical comedy.See Wikipedia for more details.

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The boy from oz is a musical about who?

The late Australian singer-songwriter Peter Allen. Hugh Jackman portrayed him on a very success run on Broadway, which won him a Tony Award for Best Actor in a musical.

What did Fred Astaire do for a living?

Fred Astaire was a film and Broadway star. He was a singer, actor, dancer and choreographer. His career lasted about 76 years during which time he made 31 musical films. The American Film Institute named him the fifth greatest male star of all time.

Who was Frederick Austerlitz?

Frederick Austerlitz was best known as his stage name Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire was a legendary actor, singer, Broadway dancer, musician, and choreographer.

Who is actor Adam Hicks?

he is an American actor, dancer, and rapper.

How many Tonys did the Chicago revival win?

The revival production of Chicago, which opened on Broadway in 1996, received six Tony Awards: Best Revival of a Musical, Best Actor in a Musical, Best Actress in a Musical, Best Lighting Design, Best Choreography, and Best Direction of a Musical.

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Hines is a dancer and actor. He is an especially talented tap dancer.

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