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The Giants won the World Series TWICE, so the 1954 one will be worth a whole lot more (assuming they had rings back then, haha)

WRONG: Giants have won world series 6 times. 5 in new york (1905, 21, 22, 33, and 54) and once in sf (2010). 05 they got a commemorative pin, 21 they got a pocket watch pendant (wore on chain of pocket watch) 22 they got a ring made of all gold (first ring made for a world series champion), 33 they got the first WS ring made of all gold. 54 got a ring, and 2010 got a ring of the mix of both yellow and white gold to commemorate the 22 and 33 ring.

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A world Championship ring can very greatly in price depending on things such as who it belonged to, what team it was for, and what year the championship was. A 1967 St Louis Cardinals ring is going for $12,500, and and a 2005 Chicago White Sox ring the asking price is $24,999. Many of these rings are rarely for sale, so they have to be searches for.

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They will contain about two and a half ounces of gold and will be valued in the $5,000-$10,000 range

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The World Series trophy is the biggest prize in Major League Baseball. The current trophy is worth over 20 million USD.

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Q: How much does a World Series championship ring sell for?
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