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For the 2007 season, the WNBA rookie salary was $30,000 and the maximum salary was $100,000.

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Q: How much does a WNBA player make in a year?
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How much do WNBA players make a year?


How much would a WNBA basketball player be paid a year?


What is the salary of an unexperienced WNBA player?

A rookie player in the WNBA makes about $35,000 a year.

When was WNBA Defensive Player of the Year Award created?

WNBA Defensive Player of the Year Award was created in 1997.

How much money will Britney Griner make in WNBA?

Don't know for sure, but last year's, (2012), WNBA MVP, made a paltry $105,000!

How much money does Lauren Jackson make a year?

From the wnba about 140,000 that's not including endorsements

How much does Diana taurasi make in the WNBA?

Diana Taurasi makes 100,000 dollars a year.

Who was the paid WNBA player last year?

Lisa Leslie I believe

What is the Average salary for a WNBA coach?

$15,000 and 1/2 off Subway from 4:30-5:00 on Sundays

How many women go to the WNBA a year?

there are about 70 women who get drafted into the wnba a year.

What are Lisa Leslie achievements?

4x olympic gold medalist(1996,2000,2004,2008),First player to dunk in a WNBA game,First WNBA player to reach 3,000 point plateau,MVP of both WNBA finals and All-Star game at the same season(2002),Led WNBA in rebounds in 1997 and 1998,First player to win both WNBA finals MVP and All-Star game MVP,3x WNBA MVP (2001,2004,2006),First player to dunk in a WNBA game,7x WNBA All-Star (1999-2003,2005,2006)2x Defensive Player Of The Year (2004,2008),All-Decade Team,All-WNBA First Team(1997,2000-2004,2006),All-WNBA Second Team(1998,1999,2005),All-Defensive First Team(2006),All-Defensive Second Team(2005)

When was WNBA Rookie of the Year Award created?

WNBA Rookie of the Year Award was created in 1998.