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Q: How much does a Tim Tebow autographed broncos jersey cost?
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What is the value of Tim Tebow autographed football?

Tim Tebows autograph is worth $300-500 depending if its on a real ncaa ball.....a game used Florida ball autographed would cost $2,000!

How much is a dan marino football jersey worth?

A replica would cost about $80, Premier $125, and an authentic Dan Marino Throwback jersey would cost even more. If any of these are autographed it is worth several hundred dollars.

How much does an autographed Jerry Rice rookie jersey with the 49ers cost?

Jerry Rice is undoubtely the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game. The value of the autographed jersey will depend on the quality of the jersey being signed. Replicas are a lot cheaper than authentic or even Mitchell and Ness Throwbacks. I would estimate the value of this item to be between $385 - $499. You can check out my site for similar items. Please visit for Authentic Autographed Sports Memorabilia.

What is the value of a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan?

The value of a basketball autographed by Michael Jordan would go from the cost of $500 to $2,000 depending on when it was autographed.

How much does a Don Mattingly autographed picture cost?


How much does a Micheal Finley jersey cost?

his jersey cost about 20 dollars

How much does a autographed nike shoe from greg oden cost?


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How much would a pair of autographed NBA sneakers by JR Smith cost?

not in your life time

How much is an autographed Rudi Johnson football worth?

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